6 Boxes of Proxeed Plus – A Men’s Fertility Dietary Supplement


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6 Boxes of Proxeed® Plus USA Version Free Shipping within the USA 3 Month Supply ? 1 Box has 30 Packets A Dietary Supplement for Men who are ready to Optimize their Reproductive Health! Proxeed ® Plus a complete carnitine-based formula…




6 Boxes


USA Version30 Packets each 

3 Month


A Dietary Supplement for Men who 

are ready to Optimize their Reproductive Health!

  • Clinical trials show that the ingredients in Proxeed® Plus support sperm health
  • Proxeed® Plus contains ingredients like carnitine; clinically studied to support sperm quality Proxeed® Plus should be taken as long as needed to maintain sperm quality, an essential factor in a couple’s fertility?
  • Proxeed® Plus has a great light lemon flavor
  • Initial results may be seen as early as three months but for, for maximum benefit it is recommended that Proxeed® Plus be taken for six months

Proxeed® Plus is manufactured in an FDA registered facility and has supported men’s health for decades.

  • Proxeed® Plus is a simple way to give extra support to overall male reproductive health and sperm quality.
  • Proxeed® Plus contains an antioxidant complex and provides key nutrients needed for developing sperm such a





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