Ayush Amla Plex Vitamin C, Tannins, Immune Health 10.6oz


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Amla Plex, made from 38 selected ingredients, including spices and herbal extracts, is a traditional Chavanprash recipe from Ayurvedic tradition. This ancient recipe is considered one of the worlds most powerful immune system supporters and a…


Dietary Supplement

Food For Health
Amla is a fruit native to India. Amla Plex™ is made from an ancient recipe known as chavanprash, enhanced with extra Amla.

A sweet, mildly spicy paste with a consistency similar to apple butter.

Amla Plex™ is shelf stable and can be stored on the counter or at the table.

Amla Plex™ has not been processed, bleached or altered like many other supplements, retaining the natural dark brown color of this herbal recipe.

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