Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Pian Balance EZ, Vertigoff – Vertigo – Dizziness – 200 mg 200 Tablets


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Vertioff ™ Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Pian (Vertigoff™) 200 mg 200 Tablets An All Natural Chinese Herbal Supplement 200 mg 200 Tablets 40g Newest Expiration Date What does it do? Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Pian (Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma…


Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Pian (Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Wan, BalanceEZ™, formerly Vertigoff™, Vertigo Support.

is an ancient Chinese medicine that dispels Wind, Phlegm, and Dampness. This formula supports harmony in body’s balance.

Pinellia rhizome cured

(Pinellia ternata)

(Zhi Ban Xia)

bai-zhu atractylodes rhizome

(Atractylodes macrocephala)

(Bai Zhu)

Gastrodia rhizome

(Gastrodia elata)

(Tian Ma)

Asian ginseng root

(Panax ginseng)

(Ren Shen)

Cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome

(Atractylodes lancea)

(Cang Zhu)

Astragalus root

(Astragalus membranaceus)

(Huang Qi)

Asian water plantain rhizome

(Alisma orientale)

(Ze Xie)

Tangerine dried rind

(Citrus reticulata)

(Chen Pi)

Poria sclerotium

(Poria cocos)

(Fu Ling)


(Shen Qu)

Barley fruit

(Hordeum vulgare)

(Mai Ya)

Ginger rhizome dried

(Zingiber officinale)

(Gan Jiang)

Phellodendron bark

(Phellodendron chinense)

(Huang Bo)

Chinese licorice root

(Glycyrrhiza uralensis)

(Gan Cao)

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