Pacific BioLogic ArteClear Circulation 2- 535 mg per Capsule -120 Vegetable Capsules


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Helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system already within normal range:

cardio-tonic: cardio-protective rejuvenating formula, ischemic heart disease, post heart attack recovery.

Supports healthy blood circulation.

Improves vitality.


TCM Pattern:  Tonify Heart: Yang, Qi, and Blood, Nourish the Heart and Spirit

Tongue: Pale, swollen

Pulse: Weak, thready

Suggested Dosage: 1-3 capsules 2 times daily between meals.
Caution: If pregnant or nursing. If the patient is on blood thinners, increase the dosage slowly and check INR blood levels often, until it is determined the effect Circulation 2 is having on the body.


Ren Shen, Hong (red) ji lin Panax Ginseng, red ji lin whole
Shan Zha Crataegus Pinnatifida Fructus/Hawthorn
San Qi Panax Notoginseng Radix
Dan Shen Salvia miltiorrhiza; Radix
He Shou Wu Polygonum Multiflorum Radix, thin slices
Hong Jing Tian Rhodiola Rosea (High Grade)
Cayenne Pepper Capsicum annum
Long Pepper Piper nigrum; Fructus
Resveratrol 20% Grape Seed Extract
Terminalia Arjuna, Cortex Terminalia Arjuna, Cortex
Zhang Nao (camphor) Cinnamomum camphora

Enhance Blood Circulation
Chinese salvia root           Dan Shen
Cayenne pepper
Chinese hawthorn fruit     Shan Zha
Cardio-Tonic Effect
Arjuna bark
Rhodiola root                     Hong Jing Tian
Tienchi ginseng root           Tian Qi
Asian ginseng root              Ren Shen (white) jin lin med
Improve Overall Vitality
Fo-ti root                            He Shou Wu
Rhodiola root                      Hong Jing Tian
Asian ginseng root               Ren Shen (white) jin lin med
Resveratol 20%
BioPerine® Trademark of Sabinsa Corp.

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