Pacific BioLogic Calm & Clear – 500 mg per Capsule – 60 Vegetable Capsules


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Calm & Clear  

500 mg per capsule – 60 vegetable capsules

Calm & Clear Regulates general anxiety and stress. Helps keep the mind calm and focused, reducing stress and tension. Especially useful before entering or after stressful situations.

Calm & Clearfrom Pacific Biologic – A Natural Herbal Supplement for the relief of occasional anxiety and stress. Herbs help your mind stay calm and focused, reducing stress and tension. Calm & Clear is an effective natural supplement for better sleep. Our master herbalist developed this effective formula that includes herbs for better focus, and is a great natural supplement for more productive work. Calm & Clear is formulated by Pacific Biologic, online’s best Herbal Supplements Store providing high-quality herbal supplements online since 1980.

Calms the Spirit, Nurtures the Heart
Valerian root          Xie Cao
Gotu kola leaf
Lemon balm leaf
Passion flower
Polygala root             Yuan Zhi
Fo-ti stem                  Ye Jiao Teng
Schisandra fruit          Wu Wei Zi
Grass-leaf sweet flag rhizome         Shi Chang Pu
Chinese salvia root       DanShen
Chinese scullcap root    Huang Qin
Opens Congested Liver Qi
White peony root           Bai Shao
Tangerine peel (unripe)   Qing Pi





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